Michael Markowski, 40 years of experience

Press Highlights:

2002-Chicago Herald Tribune:

Markowski tells reporter that Sear’s has credit card receivables problem which executives deny.  Weeks later Sear’s shares plummet to 10 year lows after disclosing credit card receivables problem. 

2004-Fortune Magazine:

Names Michael Markowski as one of its “50 Great Investors”.  Stock pick that Markowski gives to Fortune for article appreciates by 200% and is acquired by Cisco Systems.

2007-Equities Magazine:

Markowski as a columnist for magazine tells all of his readers that a “day of reckoning” is coming and to sell all of their holdings in Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, etc.  Lehman goes bankrupt in September of 2008.

Michael Markowski, currently:  

  • Author of the Trophy Investing Letter 
  • Contributor to: 

              o   Seeking Alpha 

              o   Small Cap Nation (SCN)  

              o   Equities.com 

  • Expertise (links to videos): 

              o   Digital Economy 

              o   Negative Rates 

              o   Black Swan strategy 

              o   Micro-caps 

              o   Crowdfunding Infrastructure 

              o   Perfect Shorts 

             o   Cannabis


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