Michael Markowski has been involved in the Capital Markets since 1977.  He spent the first 15 years of his career in the Financial Services Industry as a Stockbroker, Portfolio Manager, Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker and Analyst.  Since 1996 Markowski has been involved in the Financial Information Industry and has produced research, information and products that have been used by investors to increase their performance and reduce their risk.  The video below covers Markowski’s 40 year career.  Below the video is an outline of Markowski’s career stops including highlights:       

2016: Trophy Investing founder and analyst

2014: Dynasty Wealth Co-Founder and Analyst

2014: Equities.com Elite Contributor

2013-2017: Seeking Alpha Contributor and Premium Author

2008: Onlinefinancialsector.com, Founder and Analyst

2004-2009: Equities Magazine Columnist

  • 2007: In September 2007, Markowski told the readers of his column to get out of the shares of the five major brokers including Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch due to a severe negative cash flow anomaly. 

1996-2014: GFNN, Co-founder, held positions of Sr. Vice President of Research & Development and CEO, etc.    

  • 2002: Founder of and developer of patent pending cash flow algorithms for StockDiagnostics.com, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of GFNN.  
  • 2002: Markowski was quoted by Chicago Tribune article as stating Sears has credit card receivables collection problems which company’s executives denied.  Two weeks later, when Sears discloses an earnings shortfall due to credit card receivables problems its share price declines from $37 to $23 and to a new ten year low.    
  • 2011: Structured GFNN’s acquisition of assets and customers of Knobias, Inc., a provider of news and information to professional traders

1992-1996: Consultant for several public companies

1989-1991: Global America, CEO and Investment Banker

  • The firm went out of business due to a net capital deficiency on January 15, 1991, the day before the first Gulf War broke out.  This resulted in Markowski voluntarily leaving the broker industry in 1991.  Fours later in 1995, the SEC and the NASD subsequently barred Markowski from associating with a broker dealer. Markowski appealed the bar to the U.S. Supreme Court which declined to hear his case.  Even though Markowski was not barred from being a registered investment advisor (RIA) he chose not to pursuit a career as a RIA. 
  • The bar related to events that occurred in 1990 in the days before the war broke out.  Suddam Hussein’s marching into Kuwait had caused a downdraft in the prices the shares of most small companies including those in which the firm made a market and was the cause of the firm’s going out of business. 

1984-1989: D.H. Blair, Sr. Vice President & Investment Banker

  • Senior Service Corporation (name since changed to Almost Family:NASDAQ:AFAM), a startup IPO underwritten by Markowski had grown to $500 million in revenue as of 2016.     
  • Quadrax Corporation, an IPO underwritten by Markowski, was named as the “Underwriting of 1987” by Forbes

1980-1984: Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette (“DLJ”), Sr. Vice President & Portfolio Manager

  • Conducted Growth Stock Research which revealed a correlation between company increase in revenue and stock price. 
  • Raised capital for DLJ’s Sprout Venture Capital Group.  

1979-1980: Oppenheimer, Vice President

  • Raised capital for Risk Arbitrage Trading

1977-1979: Merrill Lynch, Account Executive

  • Markowski’s very first stock that he recommended to his clients was Geico at a share price of below 8.00.  Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway subsequently acquired Geico for $70.00 per share.