Below are articles written by the financial press about Michael Markowski and his online financial information companies, GFNN, Inc. (formerly Newsgrade Corporation), and, Inc.  The articles cover Markowski conducting a post mortem (financial) autopsy on Enron enabling him to discover a Financial Statement anomaly or financial disease that could have been used to predict its sudden and abrupt December 2001 bankruptcy if it had been available.  Markowski named this financial disease “The EPS Syndrome”.   He discovered that The EPS Syndrome had also caused the deaths of more than a hundred public companies prior to Enron.  His research led to the founding of which provides alerts and diagnostics charts that cover the operating cash flows of all US publicly traded companies.        

Additional articles about Markowski and

Baltimore Business Journal, November 14, 2004: Doubts about Jos. A. Bank's future growth has short-sellers in a frenzy, October 29, 2004: Where's the Beef?, June 10, 2004: Pipe Dream

CBS, June 10, 2004: Why Interstate Bakeries could be toast; Also: Trouble brewing at Archer Daniels Midland?, April 28, 2004: Oh, Canada!

BusinessWeek, February 2, 2004: What's Grounding Builders' Stocks, January 29, 2004: Supercomputer Glitch

BusinessWeek, December 29, 2003: The Easy Money Is Gone, But Next Year Could Still Pay Off If You're Picky

Forbes, December 8, 2003: Artificial Sweetener

The Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2003: Dot-Com Deja Vu: Internet Flameout Tries a Comeback

New York Daily News, October 21, 2003: Soros takes a flyer on BlueFly

Baltimore Business Journal, October 20, 2003: Jos. Bank's fast track raises some doubts

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 20, 2003: The Insider: Former Microsoft trio now kingpins of tenpins circuit

The Baltimore Sun, October 19, 2003: Power Suits

Rocky Mountain News, October 6, 2003: Turning profits, turning heads

Ventura County Star, September 25, 2003: Internet firm's gains even surprise owner

The News Journal,, July 18, 2003: 'Cash level a problem' at AstroPower

The Wall Street Journal Online, June 25, 2003: FedEx Pensions Reveal Strange, Murky Rules (Forbes Newsletter Watch), June 4, 2003: Accounting Gumshoes

The Wall Street Journal Online, May 19, 2003: Friedman's Dn 12%; Research Firm Raises Cash Flow Worries

Chicago Sun-Times, March 28, 2003: Will Sears retain a clear identity?

Detroit Free Press, March 27, 2003: Kmart investor hush-hush on retailing plans; Lampert's interest in Sears also uncertain.

Chicago Sun-Times, March 17, 2003: Warning signs hinted at big fall for Spiegel Inc.

The Daily Camera, January 22, 2003: Gaiam cuts 14 while Natural Business axes 4 jobs.

EQUITIES Fall Conference V on Thursday, November 14, 2002: Director of Research for is speaker at NYC stock research conference. Event to be "live" and via audio webcast.

Chicago Sun Times, Nov. 13, 2002: "Cash flow in red again for Sears,"'s research and comments from its Director of Research, cited in article. Reporter; Sandra Guy

Allen Douglas Securities Warns on Sears 10Q Report of $1.1 Billion in Negative Cash Flow: card receivables issue was raised in both articles by the Director of Research for, an independent research firm with a web site ( providing analytical... (Business Wire) - Nov 13 2:49 PM ET

Dow Jones Newswire, Oct. 31, 2002: "Sears - 'Structural Subordination' A Concern,"'s research and comments from its Director of Research, cited in article. Reporters; James Covert and David Feldheim

Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 18, 2002: "Sears Falls on Credit Woes,"'s research and comments from its Director of Research, cited in article. Reporter; Sandra Guy

Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 3, 2002: "Sears shifts a cost to 2nd quarter,"'s research and comments from its Director of Research, cited in article. Reporter; Sandra Guy

Chicago Tribune, Sept. 29, 2002: "Sears Sticks to Upbeat Outlook,"'s research and comments from its Director of Research, cited in article. Reporter; Susan Chandler This story also syndicated nationwide via The Tribune Knight-Ridder News Syndicate.'s weekly OPS Newsletter begins August, 2002: "The OPS Newsletter" was created to validate the power of this objective software system by highlighting just a few of the companies out of over 7,000 tracked, each on 1,801 data points.

Georgia Business Report & Journal, July 17, 2002: Is General Dynamics Stock Over-priced?

Georgia Business Report & Journal, July 15-28, 2002: "Local Investor's Line Up With New Stock Market Info Service," Positive, lengthy article. Editor, Louise D. Phelps

Mutual Funds Magazine, July 2002: "Are Your Stocks Sick?" A favorable feature on

USA Today, June 11, 2002: Matt Krantz, the stock market reporter for USA Today, talks about on his "USA Today's Online Chat."

Barron's; Dow Jones Business Weekly, June 3, 2002: favorably reviewed in "The Electronic Investor," with website pictured, by reporter Kathy Yakal, [Scores #2, coming in second to The Financial Times website;]

Savannah Morning News (Newspaper), May 30, 2002: "Cashing in on stock failures; financial news service pushes its cash-flow analysis online," a lengthy article by Reporter; Ben Werner

Emerging Company Report, May 5, 2002: A weekly syndicated financial TV show featured, with a 15-minute interview covering its technology. Producer; Donald A. Baillargeon

Dow Jones Newswire, April 25, 2002: "Research Backlash Spawns Do-It-Yourself Services," An article with over 90% of the coverage given to Reporter; Karen Talley